Monday, March 25, 2013

Repeater Kit receives 5 stars

Over the weekend we received a 5 star review on one of our top selling repeater kits. This review really caught our eye and thought we would share the success with others on the edge of purchasing/trying some boosters.

I don't usually write reviews, but felt this one very worthy. This was extremely easy to install with the additional components we purchased. We have 4800SF metal building and had NO cell reception inside for 5 years. Wish I would have known about this sooner. As soon as it was hooked up we all had full bars, no matter where we were inside the building. The owner made a comment yesterday that he actually walks inside the building to make cell calls now, because he has better reception inside than standing outside. Great customer service at 3G.

Before purchasing equipment, we strongly encourage customers do a site survey ( Based on those results we recommend a setup worth trying. If our sale representatives don’t think it will work, we are honest and tell you not to try it. If we think it is a good chance at helping we recommend one of our antennas or the repeater kits depending on what signal you’re looking to boost. We have kits to cover most carriers/frequencies. Call us today 866-347-8673!