Friday, March 15, 2013

RMA tips

When making a purchase either online or in person, the last thing to think about is having to return items, but on occasion the items just do not work out. When returning items in person you receive a credit immediately, however ordering online poses a few challenges to consider.
If no other solution is available and a RMA is required, Here are a few hints to remember when your items arrive to help speed the return process along.
  •   Save all manuals and packaging  
  •  Understand the RMA requirements and procedures
  •  Know what items are on the RMA 
  •    Repackage for return transit to avoid damage
  •   Clearly mark the package with required RMA information
  •   Remove or block out any existing addresses or tracking number that may be on the carton 
  •  Items returned should not be returned in envelopes (see photo)
  • Whenever possible use a shipping method that provides a tracking number
All defective items are always returned to the Manufacturer. All Manufacturers require defective items have all parts or accessories (such as brackets, fasteners, manuals) and packaging originally supplied, in order for the retailer to receive credit.

Normally the easier the items are to check in the quicker a refund can be issued. A little care to repack the returned item(s) may limit the delay.

Following the few steps above, will help make the RMA process a positive experience.