Tuesday, March 19, 2013

T-Mobile 4G LTE coming this month

According to The Verge T-Mobiles 4G LTE network is on schedule to launch sometime later this month. T-Mobile Engineering Vice President Tom Ellefson confirmed this and the first markets to feature 4G LTE will be Las Vegas and Kansas City, although some have reported spotting LTE in parts of New York City. If you’re a T-Mobile customer you must have the Galaxy Note II, which is the only device that will support their LTE network so far. All Galaxy Note II users need to do is make sure they update their device so the embedded LTE modem can be powered up. If the Galaxy Note II is simply too big of a phone for you, the company is expected to launch the new LTE ready Blackberry Z10, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 in the coming months.