Thursday, March 28, 2013

Verizon Wireless tracking application finds thief!

Teens today have so much more than they use to have. I remember growing up when everyone had pagers, now they all have cell phones. Before they use to use desktop computers, now its all laptops and ipads. The other day I saw a baby playing with an ipod touch...can you believe it, a baby!
Needless to say, parents today are giving their children pretty expensive items. This really caught my eye today; a high school student called the police when she noticed her iPhone 5 was missing from her gym locker. Officers found it in another girl’s locker by using a Verizon Wireless tracking application. Crazy how technology helped find another phone. Many phone companies have locator applications that you can pay extra for every month. Google even has free apps that some phones can use. One downfall to the apps is there is no way to automatically turn your phone on when you need to use them, so the phone must be turned on or they won't work. This means that if you misplace your phone, you should attempt to locate it immediately in case the battery dies and the phone turns off. Here’s the other kicker, your phone has to be within a coverage area and therefore have a signal in order for these applications to work. So, before you start thinking you can track phones like the government, be sure to read the fine print!