Monday, April 22, 2013

3Gstore Customer Testimonial

We just received this email from another satisfied customer:

I needed a business solution for a device that I needed to be mobile. I spoke with many people including the tech support for that device, verizon wireless tech support and etc. No one could come up with a working solution and a lot of money was on the line. I called 3gstore. They gave me a solution. I wasn't sure it would work. It was a very technical issue. I ordered it anyway and when I got it.... it didn't work. I called 3gstore and Valerie and Victor solved the problem within 30 minutes. No one I spoke with could. My business needs were met cost effectively and efficiently. I was so relieved.. I couldn't believe it, I was thinking it couldn't be done. They did it for us... I can't thank them enough!!!!!!!  Timothy Coor from Michigan

Thanks Timothy, thanks for choosing and thanks for letting us know that everything is working for you.