Wednesday, April 03, 2013

FCC Officially Opens Radiation Inquiry

The Federal Communications Commission launched an in-depth review related to the health and safety of radio frequency (RF) emissions from radio transmitters, such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets and mobile hotspots. 

The last time the FCC reviewed the guidelines was back in 1996. Last summer, both the General Accountability Office and FCC decided it was time to revisit those guidelines, especially considering the proliferation of wireless devices since that time. 

The FCC will focus on three elements: the propriety of its existing standards and policies, possible options for precautionary exposure reduction, and possible improvements to its equipment authorization process and policies as they relate to RF exposure. 

The FCC said its intent is to "appropriately protect the public without imposing an undue burden on industry. While acknowledging the potential difficulty of quantifying benefits and burdens, we need to determine whether the overall costs of the regulation are outweighed by the benefit to consumers, workers, and other members of the public."

The FCC did not indicate when it thinks the review might be concluded.