Thursday, April 04, 2013

New IP Switch Firmware With Google Talk Support Now Available!

ip switch
3Gstore's popular IP Power Switch (above) used to support MSN Messenger, but since Microsoft recently made the move to disable MSN Messenger, the engineers had to update the Switch to support an alternate messenging service. We are happy to report that new firmware for the IP Switch which adds support for Google Talk is now available, and we are VERY happy with how it works!

It's important to note that if you haven't been using MSN Messenger and have no need or desire to control your IP Switch remotely via instant messenger, you do NOT need to worry about updating your firmware — the only change this firmware makes is the addition of Google Talk support. If you're just using your IP Switch in the automatic restart mode, you can simply disregard this firmware update.

ip switch gtalk chat

You can read more about the new firmware here: New IP Switch Firmware With Google Talk Support Now Available

If you're an existing IP Switch user and you want to use Google Talk to control it, you can download the new firmware from our IP Switch Updates page (note: you must use a Windows computer — or Fusion/Parallels — to update your firmware; the firmware update cannot be done in Mac OSX). For new users, all of the IP Switches sold by 3Gstore now have the new firmware pre-installed, so you can simply follow the instructions to set up Google Talk when you receive it!