Thursday, April 04, 2013

Option CloudGate M2M Router With Global 3G Now Available at 3Gstore!

3Gstore is thrilled to announce the CloudGate M2M Gateway from Option, a gamechanger in the M2M category that can be activated on countless 3G networks worldwide for connectivity wherever you need it. The CloudGate is a feature-rich ethernet gateway built with businesses’ 24x7 M2M needs in mind, and its ability to work with multiple cellular providers makes it the most cost-effective and flexible option on the market.

Like other all-in-one gateways and routers that feature embedded cellular modules, the CloudGate is ideal for deployment where connectivity is a must but traditional wired internet is not available. Unlike other solutions, though, the CloudGate utilizes the unique universal Gobi 3000 chip, which can be activated on any 3G GSM network worldwide that uses the 850/900/1900/2100Mhz/AWS frequencies (this includes AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers Canada, and countless others) as well as the Verizon 3G network in the US (Sprint support coming soon, pending Sprint certification and a firmware update from Option). This is a HUGE advantage compared to other M2M routers that utilize carrier-locked modules - if your technician gets to the site and finds that signal strength for a particular carrier is not sufficient or if your needs change in the future, the router can simply be activated on a different carrier instead and be back up and running in a matter of minutes.

While the flexibility to use multiple providers is one of CloudGate’s standout features, the CloudGate’s functionality and reliability easily rivals that of competing M2M gateways. Read on to see how CloudGate can benefit your business:

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