Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Peplink Balance 305

The Peplink Balance 305, the latest member of the Balance family, is now available for partner preorders. Featuring everything customers love about its big brother, the Balance 380, the new Balance 305 is a great choice for SMBs and others looking for advanced load balancing and business-class performance at an even more affordable price point.

The new Balance 305 will be available to the public in late April and we expect great customer demand. So get your preorders in now before our initial stock runs out and secure new sales when customer order comes in late April!

Balance 305 FAQ:

  • What is the difference between the Balance 305 and Balance 380? - Out of the box, the new Balance 305 offers all the features of the Balance 380, except SpeedFusion. However, SpeedFusion is available at any time as a separate license purchase.
  • How does the 305’s hardware differ from the 380’s? - The hardware of both models is identical.
  • Which customers benefit most from the Balance 305? - The 305 is targeted at SMBs with no current need for SpeedFusion. It makes SpeedFusion optional while continuing to offer advanced load balancing and other enterprise features at a price that makes it even easier to afford.
  • But what if my customers need SpeedFusion later? Do they have to upgrade their hardware? - The Balance 305 is designed to grow with the needs of SMBs and other organizations. It features a free 30-day SpeedFusion trial which can be converted to a full license at any time.