Tuesday, April 09, 2013

T-Mobile carrier update for unlocked iPhone 5’s, enable LTE support

Now that T-Mobile has finally released their fourth generation LTE network they’ve been encouraging iPhone 5 users to move to their network. Shortly after the pre-order period started on T-Mobile in the U.S. they also released a carrier update, which will bring LTE to all T-Mobile iPhone customers running iOS 6 or above. In addition to LTE support customers will also gain access to visual voicemail and improved battery life from T-Mobiles optimized network. If you already have an iPhone 5 on another carrier the good news is as long as the device is unlocked you won’t have to purchase an iPhone through T-Mobile, just contact your local T-Mobile store and they can set it up on their network. However, if your iPhone isn’t carrier unlocked and done via a jailbreak T-Mobile specifically said they aren’t allowed to activate and phones must be officially unlocked first.