Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ATT says all video chat apps will work over cellular by end of 2013

Recently AT&T has been taking heat for selecting different video applications that can and can’t work over their cellular network. The most notable applications that were restricted were Facetime for iOS devices, which was later reversed after AT&T took heat, and now they’ve pulled the same stunt with Google’s new Hangouts app that launched last week. If a user isn’t on WiFi they’ll be greeted by a message that says “You must be connected to a WiFi network to join a video call”. After yet another video backlash AT&T has pledged to support all video chat applications by the end of this year regardless of the device you own or what you pay in fees. Below is AT&T’s official statement on their position with video chat: 

For video chat apps that come pre-loaded on devices, we currently give all OS and device makers the ability for those apps to work over cellular for our customers who are on Mobile Share or Tiered plans. Apple, Samsung and Blackberry have chosen to enable this for their pre-loaded video chat apps. And by mid-June, we'll have enabled those apps over cellular for our unlimited plan customers who have LTE devices from those three manufacturers.
Throughout the second half of this year, we plan to enable pre-loaded video chat apps over cellular for all our customers, regardless of data plan or device; that work is expected to be complete by year-end.
Today, all of our customers can use any mobile video chat app that they download from the Internet, such as Skype.