Wednesday, May 08, 2013

One of the biggest problems customers can face when using MiFi, USB modems or embedded routers is cellular signal strength. In most scenarios it’s best to go with a full outdoor antenna to help remove structural interference, however, some users won’t have that option. If you live in a condo, apartment or lease a building for your business then you may not have the option to drill holes through walls and mount something outside. When this situation occurs the next step is to look at internal solutions that can offer a substantial amount of gain, without externally wiring antennas.

Pictured above is the Cellphone-Mate CM700V-32 LTE amplifier for Verizon and our High Gain cellular Paddle Antenna. Unlike most other antennas the Paddle antenna simply screws right onto the amplifier after you connect an SMA/Female to FME/Female adapter between the amplifier and antenna. There is no additional cable required which means you won’t have additional loss by running cables further away to another area within the building. The amplifier itself provides up to 3 Watts of amplification and a maximum potential 32dB of system gain! From the other side of the amplifier you get a small 6’ cable that typically goes into your MiFi (pictured at top), USB modem or embedded router.

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