Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Peplink and Pepwave introduce PepVPN

Peplink introduces what they consider may possibly be ‘the World’s Easiest VPN.’ PepVPN is what builds the foundation to Peplink/Pepwave’s SpeedFusion services, which include SpeedFusion Hot Failover and SpeedFusion Bonding. Peplink’s three-tiered structure for PepVPN gives any customer, consumer or enterprise, the option to start simple and expand from there.

Starting with the first tier, PepVPN, you’ll notice it’s quite similar to IPsec VPN, but offers more benefits than your traditional IPsec VPN capable router. First and foremost, the tunnel can be set up over any IP connection. So, as long as you have a public or static IP address from your ISP on at least one end, you’ll still be able to establish a tunnel between 2 Peplink/Pepwave routers.

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