Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cellphone-Mate 3G/4G Direct Connect Tri-Flex Amplifier now available

Within the last year there has been a huge increase in demand for amplifiers capable of boosting both 3G and 4G LTE reception. At first users had to run two separate systems, one for 3G and one for 4G LTE. Within the last 6 months there’s been an increase in wireless repeaters that do both 3G and 4G LTE, but nothing for users that want a direct connect system. Thankfully Cellphone-Mate now has a direct connect 3G/4G amplifier available for both Verizon and AT&T! These direct connect amplifiers offer better performance than wireless repeaters because there isn’t as much return loss because everything is connected directly vs. being completely wireless to the devices.

The Cellphone-Mate 3G/4G amplifiers feature adjustable gain from 35dB to 70dB and must be set to 35dB when used in direct connect mode. The nice thing about being adjustable gain is users can add an internal antenna down the road, crank of the system gain and use these amplifiers as full wireless amplifiers too! In a direct connect setup all you need to do is add an external antenna, cable to the amplifier then attach a short cable to your USB/MiFi or embedded router to get boosted 3G and 4G LTE (See picture above for reference). Hybrid 3G/4G amps can be perfect for RVer’s, Tradeshow events, temporary construction sites, etc where you might not always have 4G LTE, or anticipate the area getting LTE connectivity soon. When you’re in a fringe area weak reception can be incredibly frustrating if your signal fades out and amplifiers help you sustain reliable connectivity, below are some reviews by customers that have purchased direct connect amplifiers: 

I can’t say enough about the difference this has made in my very rural home!! very easy to set up. before pairing with my cradlepoint 1400 router i had a -103 to-112 reading which is about 1 bar of service. with this i have a-55 4 full bars. we run 6 devices (including wireless printer)and can stream netflix with no slow downs or buffering. the service with 3 g store to make sure we had everything we needed from the time we opened the boxes has been wonderful as well.” 

I was not sure the antenna and amp option would help me but after doing a site survey with my Mifi 4510L from Verizon I thought it might. I also purchased the amplifier and my signal went from a poor -95 to a good -55 on average.” 

All I can say is that it does what it's intended to do . Went from EVDO -.98dbm to -.72 evdo and 1xRTT -.75 ,so a big improvment for me . Thanks 3G.” 

This amplifier exceeded my expectation. Based on site survey results, and fact that I was having occasional drops with my 4G LTE data connection, the ever helpful sales folks from the 3GStore recommended, this, coupled with the Wilson Outdoor Panel Antenna. My RSSI values dropped from about -90 to -39 ! Connection has now been rock solid. Also was very impressed with the construction of this amp. Thanks again 3GStore!” 

Being skeptical by nature I was doubtful that this device configured with the 9.5" Omni antenna would solve my weak signal problem since I was on the edge of a Verizon 4G boundary. I am using a Nextel 4620L Verizon MiFi device and travel the states in an RV. Initial RSSI -116 dBm. After installed the RSSI is -70 dBm. SINR: 10 dB My speeds were running 3.500 to 4.800 Mbps now I am consistently getting 7.000 to 9.300 Mbps. Add to this the superior customer support and you have an excellent combination. Very Satisfied!

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