Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Earthlink tries Clearwire WiMAX as MVNO

Now that dial up Internet access is slowly becoming a thing of the past EarthLink is looking for new alternative options for customers. They’ve recently signed up as a WiMAX MVNO on the Clearwire network to give wireless access to customers where 4G WiMAX coverage is available. They’ll be offering two packages, a $30/mo package with up to 3Mbps of speed and 2GB of data while the other package offers speeds up to 6Mbps and 4GB of data for $50/mo. In addition to the base level of data users can also add additional buckets of data at $5 for 500MB, $10 for 1GB or $17.95 for 2GB of usage. Although this may sound like a deal WiMAX coverage is tough to come by and far better prepaid options exist like the 20GB Millenicom service offering 2G/3G and 4G LTE at much faster speeds.