Monday, June 17, 2013

Recycling the Dead-Sprints iDen Network Ending

iDen was one of Sprint’s first push to talk networks that spread itself all over the US.  Allowing the business elite as well as the farm hand to stay in touch with the boss without having to use up their minutes. But now there is a new push to talk sheriff in town, the direct connect network from Sprint. Because of that, iDen must be destroyed.

Well not really destroyed, but completely removed from the face of the Earth. Anything that made the iDen network work is being recycled. Cables, batteries,and even the concrete that was used to house the cell sites for the iDen are now on the chopping block. Sprint claims that they will be recycling 100 million pounds of materials. The iDen network service is to end June 30th but the recycling of the iDen materials will continue deep into 2014.

Sprint has sent letters, emails, flares, to any and all customers who still work and live on the iDen network. Letting them know that the service is ending, and that they can keep the same push to talk service with the Sprint’s new direct connect service instead.  Sprint is still cutting it close by giving users a month to change over their service. But if you have a regular phone that has push to talk capabilities your data and minutes service will not change.

But this maybe the beginning of the end for push to talk. Once a sexy new fangled gadget is now an annoying way people can air their personal business while waiting in line at McDonald’s. In the more rural centers of the world push to talk is useful but those places are becoming fewer and farther between. So the interest in push to talk in any form maybe becoming something of the past as well. Making it the next thing on the recycling block.