Wednesday, June 05, 2013

T-Mobile’s plan to “supercharge” its LTE network

T-Mobile’s plan to “supercharge” its LTE network within the next 12 months.   Including using the most up-to-date radios on the market.

This technique is called 4×2 MIMO (Multiple Input-Multiple Output) and T-Mobile will be one of the first operators globally to add this feature.

The term “2×2 MIMO” which is the standard for all LTE networks today.

T-Mobile’s 4×2 MIMO doubles the number of antennas and thereby the number of transmission paths for data at the tower while the number of antennas inside your device stays the same. Hence the increase to 4 while the 2 stays the same.

It means that more signals will come to your smartphone and a lot more antennas to pick up your phones weaker return signal. That means you have a better chance at getting a signal in an area where you typically find yourself on a fringe connection.

This won’t increase the real-world speeds the T-Mobile LTE network will be capable of, but it should make sure you can get a better connection to use those speeds.