Friday, June 21, 2013

Verizon "Jams" Netflix

Netflix is the app that everyone has. People watch tv shows, movies, in an effortless stream of stuff that you were too lazy/busy to watch when it came out. What has put Netflix ahead of the pack of video internet resources is how even on the cloudiest of days it will run. No lag, no buffering issues it just goes, like the sun or the tides. But for Verizon customers, the glory that is Netflix has been somewhat dimmed by the two companies butting heads.

It all comes down to peering. This is the system where two different broadband providers who send and receive traffic from each other do it for free. Verizon uses several different companies for the peering systems, and one of their back ups is a company called Cogent. So when their regular peerers get, full they go to Cogent, but Cogent can’t seem to keep up with the capacity, causing jamming/cramming of ports which can cause slowing of traffic.

Verizon is buying up bandwidth like it’s going out of business to keep up. But it is somewhat half-hearted because they want customers to use their own video services, namely RedBox, which they own 50% of. Other companies as well are somewhat slow to fix slow Netflix. Hoping to break stranglehold that Netflix has on the online video business.

But it’s kind of never going to happen. Netflix has tried hard to burn bridges with customers,   (Qwikster) but their service is just too user-friendly to ever go away. As many have seen from Amazon and YouTube people don’t want to bounce from site to site for everything they want to see and buy. So Verizon maybe hoping that these lags will make people switch video carriers, but more likely they are going to switch internet providers.