Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Home Automation made easy with the Remote IP Switches

Today more and more devices are becoming networked together within the home to automate processes to make your life easier. There seems to be no limit on what can be networked as companies create things like dishwashers that can be activated from remote locations or a fridge that can actually display the contents in real time. These devices are slowly growing in popularity but many are focused on automating processes like turning lights on/off, powering entertainment systems or scheduling other appliances to turn off at specific times. The new Single Outlet IP Switch allows you to easily automate specific processes within your home.

With the Single Outlet IP Switch schedule you can create specific times that a device can be powered up. Take for example a TV in the living room that is supposed to be shut off at a specific time at night. The IP Switch will allow you to make sure this device gets shut off so your children don’t leave the TV on overnight, or connect the IP Switch to a surge protector and control everything in your entertainment center. This is also a great tool while you’re at work if you’ve got a CloudCam to keep an eye out and make sure your teens aren’t watching TV when they should be studying. Simply launch the iOS or Android app and you can easily kill power to the device to make sure they get back on task!

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