Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pepwave Surf SOHO Firmware 6.0.3 now available

On May 17th Pepwave released the new Surf SOHO router designed for home, small businesses and enthusiast users. The SOHO features 2.4/5Ghz WiFi, extensive bandwidth monitoring tools, 3G/4G modems support, seamless failover and advanced PepVPN capabilities. Shortly after the launch a specific customer reported an unusual issue where the SOHO would lose usage tracking logs if the unit was power cycled. We were quite surprised to find this out since all other Peplink/Pepwave units maintain data usage logs after a reboot and Pepwave was quick to address the issue.

Firmware version 6.0.3 is now available for download fixing the usage reset issue upon reboot. We recommend upgrading to this latest version of firmware if you’re a traveler or will be power cycling your unit on occasion so you don’t lose your usage information over time. This tool can be incredibly helpful in determining which tiered price structure you should be on or if you’re buying too much data. For example, if you look at a few months worth of logs to find you’re only using 3GB of data, but are paying for 10GB it might make sense to reduce your plan to save on monthly costs since you’re not coming close to what you’re paying for!

Customers have been saying great things about the new unit including the following:

“Great for VOIP. This router has all the features you need to support VOIP on your network, including QOS based upon DSCP Tags, Option 66 on the DHCP Server, and Port Forwarding. And at $129.99, it's a great value. What it lacks is QOS based upon source or destination IP address and more than two VPN tunnels, but I don't need the former, and can use OpenVPN for the latter. The backup Wifi as WAN is a nice feature as well.”

“The Pepwave SOHO router solved a problem for me. The previous system I had was a management nightmare. The pepwave router combined the functionality of a bridge and router all in the same device. Management and setup was very simple. Fail over set up was also very easy, and also worked as advertised. I think the design and the included features are wonderful, and the cost makes this unit a bargain.”

“I'm very impressed with the value and features available in this router. I'm replacing several other competing products with this one due to the excellent PepVPN, performance, and ease of configuration. The external antennas are probably worth it if range is important but the built-in antenna works pretty well for most applications. Fantastic product!!”

“The Surf SOHO is an amazing little box that is very easy to setup. I was able to set this up as a box for a family member allowing me secure VPN access to remotely manage their computer via VNC. The advanced bandwidth monitoring is also a nice feature allowing me to see if there's any unusual activity on the network. I purchased with the option WiFI antennas and it's easily providing WiFi access throughout the home and even gives me some outdoor coverage downstairs.”

“With the availability of the Pepwave Surf SOHO I see no need for a Cradlepoint 95. I think the SOHO is probably better for most RVers than the Cradlepoint 95.” Jack Mayer RV

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