Friday, July 26, 2013

Time Warner increasing data caps in select areas

In 2009 Time Warner Cable took a lot of grief for being one of the first Cable operators to start metering customers data usage. At the time this was something that you only saw on cellular Internet due to limited spectrum, but now many cable/DSL companies like Comcast and AT&T’s U-verse have also transitioned to metered data usage. Most companies offer a pretty reasonable limit (for most), but the 5GB Time Warner package was very restrictive by cable standards. The good news is Time Warner is starting to expand their data allotment slowly in select markets.

Time Warner hopes to expand the new plans nationally, but for now users in some markets can opt for a larger 30GB data cap. The cap is still quite low by cable standards with cellular service like our prepaid Millenicom package delivering 20GB of data per month and likely faster data speeds. However, for those that like their existing cable service Time Warner will still offer the 5GB package with $1 per GB overages if you go over. If you’re not sure how much data usage you’re using we recommend pairing your Time Warner cable connection with the new Pepwave Surf SOHO. The Surf SOHO’s bandwidth tracking breaks everything down by the hour/day/week/month and on a per device level so you can spot an unusual data anomalies to make sure Time Warner isn’t charging you for extra data that you haven’t used.