Tuesday, August 06, 2013

FreedomPop offers Sprint 4G LTE MVNO package

Today FreedomPop has announced their plans to switch to Sprint’s 4G LTE network and the MVNO is now allowing customers to switch to the latest network. They’ll be using the FreedomSpot 5580 LTE hotspot and customers that have already purchased a previous WiMAX hotspot can trade it in and pay the difference to upgrade to LTE. The device appears to be small enough to fit in the Wilson Sleek Universal, which is a great option if you happen to have weak 3G or 4G LTE service at your home or office. The service does offer some free data after you buy the device, but if you use too much the .02 cents per MB works out to about $20.48 per GB on overage costs. For customers that use a lot more data we’d recommend looking at the prepaid Millenicom service that offers 20GB of data for only $69.99 per month.