Thursday, August 08, 2013

Peplink Balance 2500 Preview

Peplink has just announced the all new Balance 2500 multi-WAN router designed for the largest enterprise businesses, campuses and public safety networks. The latest unit will feature 8Gbps of routing throughput and 2Gbps SpeedFusion support to bond and aggregate bandwidth for up to 4,000 peers. The Balance 2500 can work for copper and/or fiber based LAN infrastructures and comes complete with redundant power supply’s if one would happen to fry due to a power surge. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the hardware specs on the new Balance 2500 unit:

  • 12x GbE WAN Ports
  • 8x GbE LAN Ports
  • 802.3ad NIC bonding, 2 trunk groups
  • 8Gbps bi-directional router throughput
  • 2Gbps 256bit AES encrypted throughput
  • WLAN controller for up to 1,500 Access points
  • Recommended users - 5,000 - 20,000+
The Balance 2500 series is estimated to ship in the mid part of August 2013. Until now the most powerful unit was the Balance 1350 and some users found it wasn’t enough for their needs. The Balance 2500 increases router throughput 5.3 times what the 1350 offers and increases SpeedFusion throughput 5.7 times what the 1350 was capable of. For more information on the upcoming Peplink Balance 2500 please contact our business department at 866-347-8673

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