Tuesday, September 10, 2013

U.S. Court of Appleals is concern over FCC Regulations

The U.S. court of appeals overseeing Verizon's objections to the FCC net neutrality regulations said it has "deep concerns" about the rules.

The three-judge panel is most worried about a provision in the rules that prevents broadband providers from charging content companies for faster access to consumers.

The FCC wants all data transiting wired and wireless broadband networks to be treated equally, with no preference given to certain sorts of traffic.

For example, broadband companies will not be allowed to block traffic from/to web sites that will not pay to have their content transmitted. The judges have not issued a final ruling on the matter, however.

Verizon sued the FCC over the regulations, challenging the FCC's authority to set internet policy.  Verizon is also playing a First Amendment card. It suggests that "broadband providers possess editorial discretion" since they are responsible for transmitting the speech of others.