Monday, September 16, 2013

Wisconsin gets ready for AT&T

AT&T has agreed to take control of Element Mobile's CDMA network, which operates in Wisconsin, and eventually transition it to an HSPA-based network.

AT&T will form a new company with Element Mobile's assets, called Lake Mobility, that is 60% owned by AT&T. It will market and sell products under the AT&T brand to consumers in the central Wisconsin area.

According to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission, AT&T will operate Element's CDMA network for at least a year while it builds out its own HSPA network in the region. It will eventually transition Element's customers to its own network over time with no loss of service. "AT&T will offer each postpaid subscriber a HSPA+ handset comparable to their existing CDMA handset without requiring a contract extension," said AT&T. "For postpaid CDMA subscribers with term contracts (other than month-to-month contracts), AT&T plans to honor the majority of such subscribers' contracts for the life of those contracts by providing them with substantially similar AT&T service plans.