Monday, November 11, 2013

AT&T ramps up refarming 2G, 3G for more LTE spectrum

AT&T has recently ramped up their refarming of both the 2G and 3G spectrum to help make room for 4G LTE. With limited 700Mhz frequency available and increased LTE demand there isn’t enough frequency available to maintain the average speeds LTE customers have come to expect. By taking some of the 2G/3G spectrum in the 800/1900Mhz bands AT&T is able to run a 5Mhz-by-5Mhz block in the PCS band as additional LTE spectrum. This was recently turned on in New York City after they killed the 2G Edge network and uses Band 2 previously used for GSM and HSPA. Unlike Verizon customers that saw a speed jump after they launched AWS LTE AT&T customers shouldn’t notice as big a speed difference because of the smaller channel width.

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