Monday, November 11, 2013

Comcast Usage Cap arrives in Atlanta

According to DSL Reports Comcast customers located in Atlanta can expect new caps and overage fees. This is a trial market where Comcast intends to experiment with metered billing and customers will be given a 300GB cap and charged $10 per 50GB for additional data usage. Compared to typical cellular data caps 300GB might seem generous, but for larger families and telecommuters working from home 300GB might not go as far as it used to with Xfinity Internet running up to 105Mbps. The trial caps are rumored to go live on December 1st of 2013 and Comcast has launched a FAQ on the new data usage plan. Comcast users in the area should be receiving emails now to let them know about the new usage plan.

(Image courtesy of DSLReports)

Customers can use Comcasts portal to see how much data they’ve consumed for the month to make sure they don’t get hit with overages. The only downside to their portal is it doesn’t include per device usage to know exactly how you’re using the data, or give you a way to cross check the data to make sure it’s accurate. If you’re a Comcast customer and want to double check their numbers we recommend checking out the Pepwave Surf SOHO router, which records daily, weekly and monthly data usage for you. The Surf SOHO can also break down usage on a per device level allowing you to see how much data each computer, laptop, game console or other connected devices. This information can be incredibly useful to figure out where a large data spike may have occurred to identify possible configuration or virus issues with specific computers to help prevent unnecessary data consumption.