Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cradlepoint Firmware 5.0 now available

Today Cradlepoint released firmware version 5.0.0 for the MBR95, CBA750B, MBR1200B, MBR1400/MBR1400 HW v2.0 and IBR600/650 series. Prior to completing the upgrade Cradlepoint recommends saving your previous configuration file to a local computer so you don’t lose any settings you’ve changed. Any router currently running firmware version 3.2 or lower will lose any changes you’ve made and will not keep the settings.
In addition revision 5.0.0 is a significant change and factory resetting 5.0.0 then re-applying a saved configuration may not correctly reset all saved passwords. If you end up downgrading from 5.0.0 it will force a complete factory reset on the router and saving a configuration on 5.0.0 will not be backwards compatible to previous builds. This means you can save configurations moving towards firmware 5.0.0 but if you decide to go back to a previous build don’t discard a saved configuration from builds prior to 5.0.0. Outlined below are some of the new features within 5.0.0 including new modem support:
New Modem Support:
  • MC200LP2-EU / EE, Vodafone (UK), Tele2 (Sweden) / Supported on MBR1400/CBA750B Only
  •  Netgear AC341U (Sprint)
  • Pantech UML295VW (Verizon), requires Pantech firmware L0295VWD821F.B4 or later
New features added in this release (MBR1400, IBR6x0, MBR1200B, CBA750B only):
  • VPN Improvements – Internet / OpenVPN. OpenVPN has been added to provide SSL VPN support.
  • L2TP support for a WAN interface is provided under Internet / L2TP Tunnels.
  • GRE: Failover/Failback and WAN Binding support has been added.
  • VPN Failback. This feature allows two or more VPN tunnels to be created that will failover if one connection goes down and will fail back if the higher priority connection is available. It is configured in the VPN Tunnels wizard / Dead Peer Detection page.
  • Filter packets going through the modem that do not match the network. This feature is enabled by default and can be disabled using Internet / Connection Mannager / Common Defaults / Modem Settings.
  • Internet / CP Connect (Beta feature in 5.0). CP Connect tunnels can be used to create a connection to a private network.
  • Internet / WiFi as WAN. (MBR1400v2 only). WPA2 Enterprise Authentication added to Wi-Fi as WAN option.
  • Zscaler cloud-based filtering/security added under Network Settings / Content Filter / Cloud Based Filtering/Security.
  • SMS access. Now enabled for all products on this platform.
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