Thursday, November 21, 2013

Peplink FusionHub

Peplink we be launching a new software service called FusionHub available to run on VMware vSphere Hypervisor 5 (Release estimate February 2014). Until now the only way to establish SpeedFusion connectivity with multiple sites was to install Peplink Balance routers or pay for hosted service. FusionHub gives users more flexibility because they can manage the computing power to accommodate a specific number of users and is fully upgradable. This allows you to quickly turn a computer into a VPN server capable of routing and bonding multiple SpeedFusion tunnels. Here are some of the highlight features FusionHub can offer you:
Streaming to your server Cloud: This gives you the ability to upload larger amounts of data directly to your server cloud with speed and reliability. There are lots of applications where this can be very useful including CCTV deployments and VoIP applications where bandwidth and redundancy are crucial. Without FusionHub service any WAN failure would result in a session timeout causing you to restart your upload back to the cloud server.

Multi-Tenant Architectures: FusionHub allows you to easily build multi-tenant architecture by creating multiple virtual machines to your cloud server. Assuming you have enough computing power the possibilities are endless for managed service providers to set up redundant servers for each client. This would give you multiple secure 256bit AES encrypted tunnels and independent servers for each client that you’re managing.

Faster Internet Speeds: If you have branch or Satellite offices where fiber or ultra fast connections aren’t available FusionHub allows you to bond slower Cable/DSL connections together. All you need to do is install the FusionHub virtual machine at a site location with fiber or high speed cable access and you can provide other sites with a secure link to bond multiple connections together. Your only limit in this configuration would be the bandwidth available at the server location where you’ve got the virtual FusionHub software installed. For customers that don’t have access to any sites with fiber Amazon hosted cloud services will be coming soon. 
Standardize Policies across all networks: FusionHub allows you to create a standard IP address and security policies of outbound traffic for each office location. This means you no longer need to individually configure each location, the FusionHub will give you secure VPN access and any policy rules set will apply to all branch or satellite offices. This is ideal for any company that has multiple office locations and needs a way to quickly deploy hardware and manage their VPN from one central virtual server location.

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