Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Peplink/Pepwave Link Controller for Retail/POS

Link controllers are designed to make managing multiple WAN connections a simple task. This typically involves both inbound and outbound rules that allow you to dictate how each ISP’s connection is used on your network. If you’ve thought about adding another ISP for redundancy or already have multiple ISP’s, Peplink and Pepwave offer several routers that can give you complete control over your network. Multiple WAN connections can be used to either load balance, aggregate or failover to make sure you have no interruptions throughout the day.

In retail environments like restaurants, gas stations, malls and others that use POS systems it’s crucial to have a redundant ISP. To provide redundancy you can add another Cable/DSL provider, or 3G/4G connectivity where traditional ISP’s are limited. Without a backup source of Internet your business could grind a hault. According to Forbes 66 percent of POS transactions are now done with credit, debit or gift cards; all of which require Internet access in order to process. This means if your ISP goes down without a backup in place you’ve just lost the majority of your sales as they go somewhere else that can accept their plastic.

(Slower transaction times equal longer lines)
If you take your average sales per hour, amount and subtracted 66 percent of sales you can see how much this could cost you. This number only grows the longer your ISP stays down and getting the correct equipment can ensure your business continues to operate as normal and not slow you down. Older POS systems may have a dial-up backup that can help, but dialing in for transactions and latency can make a typical 3 second transaction last a minute or longer. This ultimately leads to longer lines and increases the chance of a customer walking out because they don’t want to wait a long time in a line.