Sunday, December 01, 2013

Amazon Prime Air

Yesterday Amazon announced “something amazing”.  The ability of your Amazon order to be delivered within 30 minutes of your order being placed.  Using unmanned drones, Amazon will deliver your package within 30 minutes of placing your order.  Is this science fiction?  Nope, check it out here.  Watch the video and here are the problems with drone delivery:

Problems with Amazon Prime Air:

  • Apartment Buildings - not going to be able to drop the package by the front door
  • Condos - same as apartments
  • Businesses - same as apartments
  • Signature required packages
  • items heavier than 5 lbs
  • What about weather issues like rain, snow, wind, hail?  My UPS/FedEx driver can deliver packages when the weather is horrible
    Power Lines?
  • What about the cost of that plastic shipping box, gotta cost a ton more than a simple brown box
  • What about “Beware of Dog” signs, what about power lines, towers?  If this relies 100% on GPS, those can be problems.
  • What about if I am within a few miles of an airport?
  • What happens if I am not home and the bad guys are out looking in the sky following drones that drop off packages, so they can scoop them up
  • Will they deliver when the ship and bill to are not the same?
  • The cost for this will be incredibly high.  Assume a single drone can deliver up to 30 packages a day?  Do you know how many of these things Amazon would need and the space for all of them to take off and land for a large metro area?

Getting a small item within 30 minutes might be necessary for some (instant gratification), but is it really necessary?  I will stick with dealing with my UPS/FedEx driver - as they know me and I know them.