Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sprint improves 3G and 4G LTE coverage in Chicago

CHICAGO (BUSINESS WIRE), December 10, 2013 - Sprint (NYSE: S) invites Chicagoland wireless users to try its improved 3G and all-new 4G LTE network, which now includes Sprint Spark™ – a unique combination of network technologies that can deliver super-fast wireless speeds with the potential to surpass speeds of any other U.S. wireless carrier. As part of Sprint’s Network Vision program, the company undertook a massive initiative to “rip and replace” equipment from its 38,000 cell sites across the country. This campaign has largely been completed in Chicago and the company expects Chicagoans to experience the benefits of a much more robust, reliable network.
The new and improved network is expected to deliver a better voice and data wireless experience where calls, texting, uploading photos and surfing the Web occur most -- sports arenas, major thoroughfares, shopping destinations and business districts throughout the area. 

The new network allows Sprint’s residential and commercial customers to take advantage of a huge array of benefits and a seemingly unlimited supply of smartphone apps with what the company calls the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee. The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee is available with either the company’s Unlimited, My WaySM or its My All-inSM plan, two plans which give customers unlimited talk, text and data while on the Sprint network, guaranteed for the life of the line of service1. 

“Sprint’s investment in upgrading our network infrastructure has required a massive team of dedicated engineers and technicians to systematically install new, modern 3G and 4G LTE-capable equipment,” said Bob Azzi, Sprint chief network officer. “This process involved equipping Sprint cell towers in the Chicago area with state-of-the-art network technology. It took us more than a year to complete and, although there have been some service interruptions, we expect our customers will find the improved Sprint wireless experience worth it.” 

Sprint Spark available in Chicago:
Sprint is also prepared going forward to allow its Chicago customers to take full advantage of wireless video and many of today’s other cutting-edge technologies in Chicagoland with Sprint Spark. Introduced on Oct. 30, Sprint Spark combines spectrum capacity and advanced network technologies and is expected to deliver a seamless tri-band LTE experience, including wireless peak speeds of 50-60 Megabits per second today on capable devices, with increasing speed potential over time. Given Sprint’s spectrum and technology assets, it is technically feasible to deliver more than 2Gbps per sector of over-the-air speed.2 Sprint Spark enhanced LTE greatly improves today’s wireless experience while paving the way for countless next-generation wireless applications on capable tri-band LTE devices. 

Today, wireless networks and smartphones allow customers to book flights, locate children, store photos and music, video chat and so much more. Sprint Spark has the potential to make possible not only those increasingly common uses of network technology, but also high-end gaming, virtual reality, advanced cloud services and those kinds of applications that are going to require higher and even more concentrated levels of wireless bandwidth in the future. 

Sprint plans to deploy Sprint Spark in about 100 of America’s largest cities during the next three years, with availability today in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tampa and Miami. For 4G LTE maps, visit http://3gstore.com/coverage. Customers, consumers and members of the media are encouraged to check back regularly as all maps will be updated and revised as the network’s coverage expands.
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