Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cradlepoint AER2100 L2TP Tunnel Support

With the recent announcement of the Cradlepoint AER 2100 (Advanced Edge Router) new features are available not seen on other models. The EEL license (Extended Enterprise License) agreement you can unlock additional features on your AER 2100, ARC MBR1400 and COR IBR600/650 series. One of these features is L2TP VPN tunneling support (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol), which can be useful for any company that needs more than just standard IPSec VPN tunneling. If you’re unfamiliar with L2TP tunnels we’ll explain exactly what their purpose is and how it can be used within your company. 

What is L2TP?

The acronym L2TP stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol and is used to support VPN’s between ISP’s. This means if you have employees who telecommute or have remote office sites you can use L2TP to establish a secure connection between the two points without having special hardware at each end. Unlike a more basic PPTP tunnel, L2TP/IPSec use a secure 256-bit encrypted tunnel making your VPN traffic more secure. Within the router all you need to do is assign the specific LNS address, create a username/password and define the remote user settings.

(L2TP Computer Login Example) 

After you’ve got everything configured on the Cradlepoint router all you need to do is give your employees their account login info. From a Windows/Mac computer, smartphone or tablet they can then configure the L2TP tunnel to connect. This is a software based client available on virtually all platforms so you don’t need to worry about employees having specific hardware in order to connect. This then allows them secure access to your main network to gain access to secure systems that would otherwise be inaccessible off the local LAN network. 

Please Note - In order to access advanced features on your AER 2100, ARC MBR1400 or COR 600/650 series you need to have an ECM (Enterprise Cloud Manager) and EEL (Extended Enterprise License) agreement.

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