Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cradlepoint Cloud Security now available for the AER2100 and ARC MBR1400

Over the last year a lot of applications have moved to the cloud for hosted service that doesn’t require additional equipment on your end. With a Cradlepoint Extended Enterprise License agreement you can now take advantage of ZScaler cloud based firewall services. After you establish an account with ZScaler you can login with a unique username/password combo through the router that will give you several cloud based service options. Below is a breakdown of some of the features that ZScaler can provide for your AER2100 or ARC MBR1400 Cradlepoint router.

Cloud Security Features:
  • Real Time Reporting - Based on your cloud configuration you can get specific reports about data consumption and user traffic across your network.
  • Behavioral Analysis - Figure out specific patterns across your network. These could include sites employees like to browse and how long they spend on them.
  • URL Filtering - This option is pretty straight forward allowing you to block specific domains on your network. For example you could take and add a rule so anyone that tries to visit the site is simply unable to load the page.
  • Advanced Threat Protection - This service is designed to protect against botnets, malicious activity content, phishing, cross site scripting (XSS) attacks to help guarantee a safe browsing experience.
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware - Protect you PC’s at the router level instead of deploying individual software licenses on multiple PC’s to protect against viruses
  • Data Loss Prevention - Full inspection of outgoing data such as sales data, pricing information and intellectual property like source code that you don’t want outside of your office locations. Regulatory compliance by state or federal governments such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI or SOX will also protect personal or private consumer info.
  • Bandwidth Management - Instead of relying directly on the QoS (Quality of service) provided by your router you can use ZScaler service to manage business critical applications and usage per data source.
There are routers in the market that will do some of the things ZScaler does like bandwidth monitoring, URL filtering and QoS controls. When using ZScaler you’re getting a simplified process that can be universally applied to different corporate or branch offices using Cradlepoint equipment without creating different configurations on different routers in the field. This allows your IT staff to create a unified secure network complete to know exactly what traffic is moving across your network, what shouldn’t be, and a way to stop unwanted traffic from disrupting your day to day operations.  

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