Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cradlepoint NEMO/DMNR support for Verizon Routing

Cradlepoint NEMO/DMNR primary support is now available on the AER 2100, ARC MBR1400/MBR1400 and COR IBR600/650 series routers. This feature allows your company to communicate and manage LAN connected devices attached to your Cradlepoint router. In the past the only way to do this was to request a static IP from Verizon to give you inbound access to your devices. NEMO/DMNR works by separating the public traffic providing you with a direct connection back to their internal IP network bypassing the need for a static route. Access and traffic flow can then be controlled by your IT staff and manage LAN devices from a central location without the need for individual VPN connections for each LAN device connected to the network. 

If you’re on a business continuity or M2M (Machine to Machine) data package this feature can be incredibly useful for you. With a traditional static IP your network could technically be pinged by rogue devices from outside the local network, which isn’t a big deal on Cable/DSL connections, but over a low usage cellular package this could cost you a lot in overage charges. Take for example a low usage $4.99/mo 2MB Verizon M2M package, which is designed specifically for equipment that uses minimal amounts of data like point of sale transactions. Overages on these type of plans start around .95 cents per MB or a whopping $972 per GB if the router is improperly configured. When used properly these packages can save you a lot monthly, or cost you a lot if not implemented correctly and the NEMO/DMNR protocol ensures you won’t encounter any wasted bandwidth if someone starts to ping your devices remotely.

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