Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CradlePoint’s Extended Enterprise License and OpenVPN (SSL VPN)

The CradlePoint Extended Enterprise License (EEL) provides advanced routing and security features that are designed to increase productivity and business continuity for an enterprise’s network. EEL is an extension of Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM), and can’t be purchased by itself. In order to have EEL and take advantage of its features, the accompanying CradlePoint router must also be on ECM. Until today EEL was only available for the ARC MBR1400, MBR1400, and the COR IBR series routers. With the release of the new AER 2100, EEL has expanded to cover these models as well.

(CradlePoint AER 2100)

EEL provides the end user with access to a number of new features including advanced enterprise routing options, expanded VPN and tunneling protocols, NEMO, and Cloud Security. One of the major features that EEL brings is OpenVPN, otherwise known as SSL VPN. Though the EEL works on multiple Cradlepoint routers, the OpenVPN aspect of it only works for the MBR1400 variants, and the new AER 2100.

(Example of OpenVPN Network Access)

OpenVPN allows portability across multiple operating systems and types of hardware, is easily configured, and works with NAT addresses as well as dynamic addresses. OpenVPN (SSL VPN) doesn’t require special software on end users devices, and instead gives remote users access to larger networks through web applications. IPsec VPN, the standard VPN found on Cradlepoint hardware, usually needs specialized software built for the hardware it is running on. This makes compatibility with older hardware and with a wide variety of hardware difficult. Since OpenVPN is more of a ‘desktop to network’ style of access from a web browser to the host Cradlepoint, setup is usually limited to the Cradlepoint and IT departments don’t have to individually configure or manage each individual device that will be connecting. 

Is OpenVPN right for your network? There are a few questions you can ask yourself. Is this intended for unsophisticated end users? Do you want to display the content of the network through a web browser or web application? If the answer is yes, then OpenVPN (SSL VPN) through the Cradlepoint EEL and compatible router may be the best choice for you.

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