Tuesday, January 21, 2014

LogMeIn removes free account option


If you been enjoying free LogMeIn service to remote into end user PC’s, Mac’s or mobile devices you’ll now need to pay for that service. The once free (limited) service is now a pay only service and existing users must now convert to paid accounts or move onto another remote platform like TeamViewer. If you have already purchased LogMeIn Ignition for either iOS or Android you’ll get a “Significant” discount when moving to a paid LogMeIn subscription on your primary PC or Mac. Current LogMeIn users will have approximately 7 days to make the decision to stay with them, or start looking for a free alternative service. The web version of LogMeIn known as “Join.ME” isn’t affected yet, so you can use this as a limited free service if you don’t mind accessing remote devices over your web browser.