Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Verizon Wireless secures 1.6 Million new mobile customers

In the latest Verizon Wireless earnings report they gained 1.6 million new customers during Q4 of last year. These numbers are dead on with the gain that T-Mobile has seen recently after launching competitive services like free international roaming and paying your ETF (Early Termination Fees) to switch over to T-Mobile. The main reason that Verizon is gaining subscribers is likely due to their ever increasing 4G LTE network that now covers over 97% of the population across the country. To help grow subscribers Verizon has offered several bargain handsets and their $20 share everything package is growing in popularity with customers that have multiple lines. Only time will tell which carriers end up on top throughout 2014 but one things for sure, T-Mobiles uncarrier plans are making the larger carriers like Verizon more competitive in the marketplace now. 

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