Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Netflix and Comcast strike a deal to improve streaming

Over the last several months many Comcast customers have been complaining about poor streaming with Netflix. The Wall Street Journal has announced that Comcast has opted to pay Comcast for smoother streaming so customers don’t end up with videos that constantly buffer. The move by Netflix could set an ugly precedent as other ISP’s will be sure to jump on the same bandwagon and demand money for carrying their traffic too, despite the fact customers are already paying for the connection to the ISP and Netflix is paying fees to Cogent. This looks like the Comcast is trying to double dip here, getting Netflix to pay for additional capacity that should be handled by the ISP instead of Netflix. Only time will tell how fast other companies jump on the bandwagon to get more money from Netflix just so they can get a reliable stream out to their customers.