Friday, April 25, 2014

Are You a Mobile Addict?

According to Flurry (a site that assists in app development and analytics), someone who opens apps on their mobile device 60 or more times a day is considered a "mobile addict." They posted their findings earlier this week from data they've gathered over the past year. In that 1 year,  they tracked more than 500,000 apps on more than 1.3 billion mobile devices worldwide. Those who qualify as mobile addicts totaled 176 million as of March 2014, which is up 123% from the 79 million addicts reported last March. Of course, we must attribute some of that increase to the number of people who have joined Flurry in this past year.

Not only did Flurry test the total number of users, but they also broke down the results by what they consider "Regular users" - those who launch apps less than 16 times a day - and "Super users" - those launching mobile apps between 16 and 60 times per day. In addition, they separated male users from female users, as well as their age groups.

Here's a break down of some of those results:
  • Regular users - grew from 639 million in 2013, to 784 million
  • Super users -grew from 283 million in 2013 to 440 million
  • Women - 52%
  • Men - 48%
Younger device users aged 13-24 were also more likely to be mobile addicts than those aged 25-34 and those 55 and older. Yet device users between 35-54 also over-indexed as mobile addicts despite their numbers in the overall mobile consumer population.

Flurry also offered up some interesting data about significant identifiers for mobile addicts. "On the female side, the following personas over-indexed as mobile addicts: Moms, Parenting & Education, Gamers, and Sports Fans, in that order. For males, the following personas over-indexed as mobile addicts: Auto Enthusiasts, Parenting and Education, Gamers, and Catalog Shoppers," Flurry said. With that data in mind, Flurry has deducted that most of the mobile addicts among us are "teens, college students (skewing females), and middle-aged parents." So, where do you fall in?