Tuesday, April 08, 2014

DynDNS Free Service Shutdown

Dyn, Inc has offered DynDNS for several years and announced on Monday that their free dynamic DNS service will be disabled on May 7th, 2014. Newer customers won’t notice a change because DynDNS has been charging new customers for dynamic hosting for the last year, but grandfathered older customers that had previously signed up for free accounts. Below is a copy of the notice that is going out to long time customers still getting free DynDNS service: 

“Subject: Important info about the future of your Dyn account 

To our Dyn free hostname users: 

For the last 15 years, all of us at Dyn have taken pride in offering you and millions of others a free version of our Dynamic DNS Pro product. What was originally a product built for a small group of users has blossomed into an exciting technology used around the world. 

That is why with mixed emotions we are notifying you that in 30 days, we will be ending our free hostname program. This change in the business will allow us to invest in our customer support teams, Internet infrastructure, and platform security so that we can continue to strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience for our paying customers. 

We would like to invite you to upgrade to VIP status for less than $20 -- a 25% discount good for any package of Remote Access (formerly DynDNS Pro). By doing so, you'll have access to customer support, additional hostnames, and more. 

Here's how you get this done in two easy steps:
- Login to account.dyn.com.
- Click here to add Remote Access to your cart at the 25% off VIP rate. The discount will be applied upon checkout. 

We thank you for your usage of Dyn through the years, and hope to continue to support you through Dyn Remote Access or other products for years to come. Visit our FAQ page or this blog post for more information.” 

DynDNS was one of the most popular services for 3G mobile customers to route to IP Camera systems with a Dynamic public facing IP. Now that most customers have switched to 4G LTE dynamic hosting simply didn’t work because of the private (10.) range assigned to wireless devices. Still, for customers on older 3G accounts this means they’ll need to start spending money on DynDNS to continue using it, or look at a free alternative like noip.com for their routing needs.