Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FCC provides email for Net Neutrality Complaints


Last week the FCC took a lot of heat regarding their stance on the latest Net Neutrality rules to be discussed on May 15th. In Tom Wheelers original statement they didn’t plan to place any rules for interconnection feuds between ISP’s and content providers like Netflix. This would mean ISP’s can control service levels by forcing content companies to pay for specific interconnection services that primarily benefit the ISP by increasing revenue. After the news there was backlash by the public and Tom Wheeler has been releasing updated statements indicating the public misunderstood what he was trying to acheive.

Today they’ve decided to let customers voice their opinions by emailing the agency about their views on the proposed Net Neutrality rules. Users are able to email their opinions to openinternet@fcc.gov In addition to the email there is also a petition called “We the people Net Neutrality” that you can sign, which would require government review if 100,000 signatures are reached by May 24, 2014 here - http://1.usa.gov/1mHh7S0