Friday, April 04, 2014

T-Mobile offers top 4G LTE speeds according to RootMetric Study

Recently OpenSignal released a study to test the latest LTE speeds by carriers and T-Mobile has taken the lead as the fastest network available. Previously T-Mobile complained to RootMetric stating their study was out of date and the report didn’t show the results after their latest network upgrades. The OpenSignal study confirms that RootMetric’s report was out of date and shows that T-Mobile has the fastest LTE average speeds at 11.5Mbps. This doesn’t change the fact that Verizon and AT&T still have larger LTE footprints, but carriers like T-Mobile are upping the ante by giving customers faster speed and trying to improve coverage across the country. The OpenSignal report was generated from real world data across 103,025 users that use their Android and iOS speed test apps to get overall speed averages.
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