Friday, May 23, 2014

Sierra Wireless Product Comparison


Sierra Wireless have a variety of different embedded router solutions available. This can sometimes make it difficult to figure out which model makes the most sense for your company. The product matrix above is an excellent guide to help figure out which model you should be looking at based on your needs. The majority of Sierra Wireless products come with either a 3/yr or 5/yr warranty giving them an edge over other companies that opt to include a standard 1/yr manufacturer warranty. 

The most popular Sierra Wireless devices are the newer GX440 and ES440 units. These units offer 2G/3G support and add 4G LTE support for the latest LTE networks. These are typically placed in harsh environments where businesses need to rely on stable 24/7 Internet connectivity and can’t afford to have a device burn out on them. Both models also offer RS-232 connections making them ideal to pair up to any device serial port to get remote diagnostics or control equipment. If you’d like to learn more about Sierra WIreless products please contact at 866-347-8673