Friday, June 27, 2014

Peplink solution gives a town a 92% cost savings


Recently Peplink released a case study involving The Town of Tonawanda, NY, which needed a secure and dependable VPN network for their VoIP system. Originally they wanted to use a 3Mbps dedicated MPLS connection that would have cost $96,000 per year and started looking for alternative options. This is where they found the Peplink Balance 1350 capable of aggregating the bandwidth of 13 Fiber/Cable or DSL connections together. This ultimately provides a much more redundant network with seamless transition between different WAN connections if one ISP happens to lose Internet connectivity. 

In order to make this possible a secure site to site VPN (SpeedFusion) was established to bond 50Mbps Fios and was then backed up by PTP wireless to eliminate downtime and increase bandwidth. Their main headquarters are using the Balance 1350 which runs ADSL to a Balance 710 at site ‘A’ while Fios and proprietary WiFi run SpeedFusion tunnels from site ‘B’ to site ‘H’ running Balance 380 units. All traffic is 256-bit AES encrypted, which is a military grade encryption designed to transfer information safely between all site locations. The Town of Tonawanda can also take advantage of Peplink’s QoS, bandwidth restrictions, WAN traffic prioritization giving them complete control of their network. 

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