Thursday, June 05, 2014

Pepwave Beta Firmware 6.1.2 available for Balance, Max and Surf SOHO


Today Pepwave has announced beta firmware available for the Balance, Max and Surf SOHO product families. Normally their beta firmware is rock solid but it’s not recommended to run 6.1.2 in any production environments. This new build adds a couple of new exciting features that we’ll be demonstrating in the near future via our YouTube channel. If interested in the beta program you can download the software here - Click: Beta Program Entry Link
New Features
  • Pepmin - Allows access to the WebUI of devices behind a cellular or private IP. This feature gives you on-demand fully secured access to devices behind your native webUI via InControl 2.0
  • Bonjour Forwarding/Gateway - This allows any Apple device to discover each other and share resources (AirPlay, Airprint) even if they’re on different subnets.
Please Note - Right now Bonjour Forwarding is only available on the Balance series and Max HD2/4 series. The Surf SOHO, Max OTG and BR1 units don’t currently support Bonjour forwarding. 

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