Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pepwave Max HD2 and HD4 MediaFast models simplified


Recently Pepwave announced their new Media Fast Content Caching routers that come with a built in SSD drive. Initially there were several models available with different radios for cellular carriers, but Pepwave has decided to simplify this releasing two SKU’s for the HD2 Media Fast and HD4 Media fast models. Now for 4G LTE us in US, Canada and South America customers can select the MAX-HD2/HD4-MFA-LTE-US-T and customers in Europe, Asia and Australia can use the MAX-HD2/HD4-MFA-LTE-E-T model. 

The HD2 MediaFast series feature two embedded cellular radios and a 120GB SSD harddrive where the HD4 MediaFast series offer four embedded cellular radios. The hard drive within the units are designed to cache content to save on bandwidth where you might find multiple people viewing the same webpage or video on the web. Rather than re-downloading the video or content for each user it’s stored locally on the MediaFast router and delivered directly to the user at lighting speed. In addition to content caching the MediaFast models will also track popular URLs and file types so you can monitor exactly what websites and/or files people are downloading over your network. 

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