Thursday, July 03, 2014

AT&T LTE network has lowest latency


Recently Fierce Wireless and Open Signal released a report showing that AT&T and T-Mobile have the lowest latency when compared against Verizon and Sprint’s LTE networks. Open Signal gets their data from a report of over 1 million consumer devices with ICMP pings sent to Google and then averages them out. In the latest report AT&T just edged out T-Mobile with an average latency of 75ms with Sprint bringing up the rear at close to 100ms off their 4G LTE network. The main reason the other carriers have lower latency is because they’re using 10x10Mhz or 20x20Mhz configurations while Sprint is still using a 5x5Mhz configuration. The lower the latency the quicker you have a response for a page to start loading or better voice quality when making a VoIP (Voice over IP).