Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CloudGate Universe Redesign Coming


Option is  excited to announce that when you are back from your summer holiday they’ll be launching a completely redesigned CloudGate Universe. Option’s team has created a new look and functionality of the CloudGate Universe and  had only one thing in mind when they started this redesign – you. Overall, menus and navigation will be hugely simplified with clear sections. Soon, you can do whatever you want even faster! Based on customer feedback here is a selection of the most important changes in the new CloudGate Universe: 

Simpler to use:
  • Completely redesigned layout – simple and easy to use with a strong focus on relevant content.
  • Easy to find, understand and install available software - for example all new features in each firmware can be accessed via CloudGate Universe.
  • Refreshed documentation section so you can easily find what you are looking for.
  • Simplified signup process for new customers.
  • Search for any device by serial number or device name.
  • A status indicator for each device, so you can quickly see whether a device has checked-in.
Lower data consumption:
  • The data usage for a CloudGate device, when doing a check-in to CloudGate Universe will be reduced to approximately 1Kb when no changes are required. This means that you can set devices to check in everyday with only ~30Kb of data consumption per month. 
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