Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Peplink alternative to dedicated MPLS


Peplink products are known for their uptime and ability to control multiple ISP’s to optimize bandwidth across your company. Many customers are now using Peplink equipment to completely replace a dedicated MPLS system getting substantially more bandwidth, multi-point redundancy and saving tens of thousands of dollars in the process. On average customers that have switched to a multi-WAN bonded solution are saving 85% over a single dedicated MPLS alternative. 

Justin Dale who has 15 years in IT at Diamond International Trucks says “We now have a highly reliable MPLS alternative that allows for the flexibility in ISPs… greatly reducing our costs while maintaining a high level of service. This is made possible by Peplink’s SpeedFusion bonding technology that allows multiple links to pass within a VPN to a concentrator or FusionHub virtual machine installed within the cloud. Unlike traditional load balance routers that can only establish one session per ISP Peplink’s bonding allows traffic to be broken down across multiple links enhancing the bandwidth and providing more network redundancy. 

One area where this holds a huge advantage is VoIP (Voice over Internet) where a traditional load balancer or failover router would drop the call if your primary ISP goes down. Because Peplink devices allow the traffic to be split even if one ISP drops off you won’t lose the phone call because the session is still active across other ISP’s on your network. Depending on the Peplink box you can run a mix of Cable/DSL and Cellular 3G/4G routers to have as many as 13 different WAN connections active at any time. If you have any questions on how Peplink can save your company money please contact 3Gstore for more info! 

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